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All rental trucks and chippers come with an operator


Removing stumps left on your property can be a difficult and even hazardous task. Put your safety first when you trust a fully insured expert to handle your most complex stump removal needs. With the largest, self-propelled stump grinding machine in Monmouth County, we are ready to meet your needs!

Escape the danger of stump removal

Stumps could create a tripping hazard or cause disease to spread in the ground around it. Proper stump removal can help avoid these dangers.

When should I remove a stump?

Receive expert service

Don't trust just anyone to remove your stumps. In business since 1938, we are ready to meet your needs with 6 state of the art grinders.

At Beeler Tree Expert Co Inc., we provide the prompt, reliable service you deserve!


Consult with a professional for a FREE estimate and determine the service that's right for you. We also offer firewood in 1/2 and full cords, snowplowing or sanding services and trimming and removal to meet your needs.

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